Akagera National Park was transformed into a protected area in 1934 and this national park was named after the powerful Akagera River that runs overall this park. Akagera national park is perched in the northeastern part of Rwanda and it borders Tanzania. Akagera national park protects various mammal species such as the Big 5 animal species, primate species, tree species, and bird species that are surviving in the diverse vegetation zones within the Akagera National Park. This gives travelers an opportunity to discover the park by participating in Akagera national park’s top activities.

1 Day Akagera National park safari in Rwanda

Top activities to do in Akagera National Park

Game Drives

Akagera national park game drives are carried out throughout the day but the best time to do a game drive is early in the morning or in the evening offering travelers the best sights of wildlife species. On the Akagera national park game drive travelers are driven following the park’s most remarkable trails within this open savannah plains, Riverine, and woodlands searching for various mammal species and bird species, your experienced driver-guide will atomically lead you in the game drive to find areas with high concentration for animals and you will spend more time there. Akagera national park game drives give travelers a chance of viewing all the Big 5 animals such as Cape Buffalo, African Lion, African Elephant, Rhinos, and Leopards.  Akagera national park’s other animal species include Defassa, Waterbuck, Elands, topis, Semi-Aquatic Sitatunga, Giraffes, oribis, and Bohor Reedbucks.

1 Day Rwanda Akagera National park safari

Akagera national park night game drives is another alternative to experience wildlife species within the park providing travelers an opportunity of viewing the nocturnal animals such as bush babies, leopards, civets, and several cats. Travelers are guided by the professional park ranger and your experienced driver guide who will help search for those nocturnal animals with strong flashlights.

Akagera national park Nature walks.

Akagera national park guided nature walk offers travelers another option to uncover the park’s attractions on foot where one can experience wildlife species up-close, nature walks in Akagera national park are done by an experienced park ranger you will walk travelers through the open savannah plains while searching for wildlife species. On a nature walk, you will spot all the missed attractions such as beautiful butterfly species and most of the small insects which cannot be viewed in a vehicle.

Akagera national park bird watching

Akagera National Park harbors over 520 bird species which makes it one of the strongest birding destinations in East Africa, Akagera national park has a diversified habitat within the park, Akagera national park offers resident and migratory bird species that range from forest birds and water birds swinging in hills & savannah plains. Akagera national park protects various endemics and rare bird species such as the threatened papyrus gonolek, Lesser Kestrels, Red-faced Barbets, Armor Chat, the Great Snipe, shoebill, and Swamp Fly Catchers.

Akagera national park Fishing

Akagera national park fishing is carried out at Lake Ihema and Shakani offering travelers a thrilling experience, during Akagera national park fishing travelers also enjoy the sights and sounds of many bird species and a school of hippos, the fish caught during fishing sport can be grilled or roasted for the travelers to enjoy some fresh fish from Rwanda.

Akagera national park Boat cruise Safari.

Akagera national park boat safari is among the highlight tourist activities for travelers who visit the Akagera National Park. Akagera national park is carried out on Lake Ihema offering the highest number of hippos in East Africa, travelers can encounter large herds of the African elephants, cape buffalos, families of warthogs, a large school of hippos, and crocodiles playing along the shores, and many water birds such as the shoebill stork. Akagera national park boat cruise also offers a spectacular view of the entire beautiful Akagera National Park its ‘self-life and local fishing villages perched along the Lake banks.

How to Access the Akagera National Park

Akagera national park is just located at a distance of 500 meters from Kigali city towards Kigali international Airport, you will head left towards the East of Rwamagana, as you continue through at Kayonza and then move for about 15 km straight to Kabarondo and to Akagera National Park main gate. The drive to Akagera national park to from Kigali takes 2 to 3 hours if you are traveling in a private safari vehicle and 2 – 4 hours if you are traveling in public transport.

Accommodations facilities in Akagera National Park

  Akagera National Park offers a number of accommodation facilities which range from budget lodges to mid-range, and luxury. Budget lodges include Ruzizi Tented Lodge, Mid-range options we recommend Karenge Bush Camp and Luxury options also recommend the Akagera Game Lodge among others.

When is the right time to Visit Akagera National Park?

The dry season is the right time to visit Akagera National park. Visiting in the dry season is the best because when it is raining game drives can be a bit hard to drive through the tracking trails in the park for wildlife spotting because heavy rains make the game drive trails too muddy and slippery, as well as wildlife spotting, can be hard in the rainy season compared to wildlife viewing in the dry season. Akagera national park’s best time for safari wildlife viewing is in the dry months of December to February and from June to October which is proportionally drier compared to March & May and then November.