Jaipur sights in India

Those who have been to India cherish their memories of the wonderful and beautiful place. The culture and traditions here are so diverse and deep, that it’s not difficult to feel respect and love for their charms.
Jaipur, founded in 1972, can rightly be called the most interesting and colorful place in India. Not for nothing has it got the status of the capital of the largest state in India Rajasthan.

Rajasthan, the colorful and picturesque state of India

You can easily recognize the famous city from the pictures because of the pink hues inherent in most buildings in the city. That’s how, according to historical chronicles, locals decided to show their hospitality and respect for the Prince of Wales, having painted the houses and buildings in the city in pink. Since then Jaipur has been tacitly called the “Pink City” and crowds of impressionable tourists are sure to visit the wondrous city, in order to get original impressions, enjoy the exoticism of local sights and be sure to get on tours of the majestic palaces.

Palaces in Jaipur

Picturesque palaces of Jaipur

What’s nice is that the palaces are located within the city, and to see everything thoroughly you don’t have to spend a lot of time on exhausting travels. The masterpieces of ancient Indian architecture are truly something mind-blowing, and those lucky enough to enjoy the sight of these spectacles will certainly not forget what they see.

The main attraction of the city is the City Palace Complex, whose architectural ornaments will surprise even the most sophisticated tourists.

The palace complexes of Jaipur - India

City Palace Complex, Jaipur

Unique structures with beautiful and chic halls, topped with marble carvings, make one contemplate the beauty with a peaceful and admiring gaze. The picturesque gardens surrounding the palaces are reminiscent of well-kept English parks, and wandering through the beautiful alleys and peering into the many rose-stone courtyards, you feel like you’re in a fairy tale.

Formerly the palace halls were used for parades and various celebrations, but now they are unique museums, loved by tourists and locals alike. For example, a part of the palace called Mubarak Mahal, is a museum of musical instruments, fabrics and national costumes.

The Silekh Khan Museum is especially popular for its amazing collections of gold ceremonial weapons encrusted with precious stones. Lovers of ancient culture can visit the Maharaja Museum, which features a unique collection of ancient manuscripts and manuscripts that used to be in the personal library of the local ruler.

Another of the many attractions of Jaipur is the “Palace of the Winds”.

Palace of the Winds, India

“Jaipur’s Palace of the Winds

Many consider it the city’s calling card. The building was built in 1799 and is completely made of pink sandstone. Decorated with original ornaments and stunningly beautiful columns, the building looks more like a jewelry box than an architectural monument.

A great way to broaden your own horizons is to visit the no less popular Amber Palace.

Amber Palace - popular attractions in India

Journey to the Amber Palace in Jaipur

Even if you might be intimidated by its daunting exterior, once you step inside, you will truly appreciate the unique treasures that are revealed to the eye of a lover of true beauty. Ancient architects decorated the palace walls with beautiful frescoes depicting military scenes. Also the walls are decorated with precious stones and a lot of mirrors, which gives the surrounding view a truly fairy-tale filler. Once out in the courtyards of the palace, you can stroll among the workshops and souvenir shops, choosing beautiful handmade crafts.

The palace interior, Jaipur

The interior of the palace

Besides that, there are many other interesting places in the vicinity of the palace. For instance the still preserved Nahagarh and Jaigarh forts. There you can see the world’s largest cannon on wheels, and enjoy the view of the stunningly beautiful Man Sagar Lake.