Attractions in Greece. 10 interesting places worth visiting.

Greece, a land of myths and legends. If you still have doubts about visiting this country, then now the review of interesting sights of Greece will dispel them.


The Acropolis of Athens is one of the main landmarks of Greece

There are places you can visit for free in the city, and the best guide would be a native. During the sightseeing tour you can see: The Acropolis, viewed from the Philopappus Hill; the ancient Arches of Hadrian and the Temple of Zeus himself. Spectacular place – Syntagmatos Square, where Greek infantrymen march hourly. To immerse yourself in local life, you should visit the Monastiraki market and relax in the National Garden.


The heart of Thessaloniki is Aristotle Square

The heart of Thessaloniki is Aristotle Square

The capital of sweets and the city in the north, where all streets lead to the sea. In the morning, enjoy the patisserie in the cafe on Aristotle Square. Thessaloniki is considered the capital of culture. There are a lot of monuments and festivals are often held here. You can watch the beautiful sunset from the bar on the water, sipping wine.


A view of the 'divine' Olympus

A view of the “divine” Olympus

The picturesque paths through the mountain gorges and amongst the beautiful flowers lead up to the top, to the singing of the rare birds on the 2917 m high hill. A truly divine place. After visiting this theater you can understand why the gods loved Olympus so much.

Greek Switzerland.

The 'Swiss Switzerland of Greece' - Lake Plastira

“Greek Switzerland” – Lake Plastira

A vacation like the one in Switzerland is possible on Lake Plastira. Coniferous forests, mountain slopes and blue lake – the beauty of nature can be admired in the early morning in a stone house and in the evening by the fireplace.

The Palace of Knossos on Crete.

The Mintaurus Palace in Crete, Greece

The Palace of Mintaurus in Greece on the island of Crete

The ruins of Knossos Palace are the main attraction of Crete. According to legends, this was once home to King Minos, who hid the monster known to the world as the Minotaur within the castle walls. The palace was a veritable labyrinth with intertwined corridors, intricate staircases and secret passages.

Ancient Theatre.

Odeon of Herodes Atticus, an ancient building for singing and music contests

No concert hall can compare in sound quality with the Greek theater, many of which are well preserved from ancient times. The voice of Sting or the symphonies of the Tchaikovsky orchestra should be heard from the stage of the Odeon of Herod Atticus.
At Delphi, north of the temple of Apollo, there is a theater, where you can still see a bright performance.


Unforgettable views of the Greek island of Santorini

Unforgettable views of the Greek island of Santorini

In just 4 hours hiking 9 km from Fira to Ia, you can admire the volcano, the sea and the beautiful villages.
It is worth seeing the indescribably beautiful sunset at the ruins of the castle in Iaia, the lighthouse of Akrotiri or the winery.
White houses with blue doors like a postcard are the distinctive architectural style of Santorini. You can meet in the morning on the beaches with black sand, in the afternoon you can taste wines at the wineries or look into the crater of an ancient volcano, and finish a busy day by watching a movie in the open air.

“Space” Meteora.

Monasteries of Meteora

Monasteries of Meteora

Monasteries of incredible construction adorn the vast cliffs of Thessaly. The place looks like the monasteries appeared from outer space. Once 20 monasteries were built on top of cliffs by hermit monks who climbed to the top with winches. Today there are only six monasteries left.


The main gate to the Palace of the Grandmasters

The main gate to the Palace of the Grandmasters

The Old Ancient City. Surrounded by city walls and entered through an ancient gate. Behind which, from the prying eyes, the true Middle Ages are hidden. Cobblestone streets, arches made of stone, brightly colored fuchsias in pots. As you walk through ancient Rhodes, there’s a chance to hit a dead end, visiting cafes and souvenir shops along the way.
The busiest place in town, Socrates Street. And parallel to this is the street of the Knights. It leads the tourist to the Palace of the Grandmasters. This palace was once owned by an order of knights. Carved furniture, beautiful tapestries, colored mosaics and ancient sculptures adorn the halls of the Palace.

Melissani Cave.

The incredible attraction of Greece – Melissani Cave

According to legends the nymphs used to live in this cave. You can get inside by boat. Inside the cave, the voices come together and it seems the nymphs still surround the people. When the sun shines through the hole in the cave ceiling, its rays start to glow a fantastic turquoise color.

It’s worth at least once to visit Greece and see the fantastic places with your own eyes, and this amazing country will leave memories in the heart of every traveler.