Maldives vacations

The placid blue ocean, pristine beaches with white sand, towering palm trees and secluded bungalows – not for nothing vacation in the Maldives is considered a benchmark, and the owner of the ticket – the lucky one! What's on offer in a branch of paradise on earth??

Maldives – recreation in style "bounty!


The first association with the Maldives – the coast with soft sand, framed by piercing turquoise waves and lush tropical greenery. Every beach deserves the Blue Flag for cleanliness, sustainability and safety. The archipelago's public recreation areas are always crowded, especially during peak tourist season. Those who appreciate peace and quiet should opt for resorts or private beaches. One-day excursions to an island are also possible, where you can enjoy a luxury holiday in accordance with your whims, subject to payment, of course.

Stunning beaches

Stunning beaches of the archipelago.

Beyond the bounty-style scenery and fantastic sunsets, visitors can find exotic activities on some islands: race against turtles on the shores of Velavaru and Laviani, feed stingrays at Bolifushi, swim with dolphins at Maafushi and take unique photos of luminous phytoplankton at Vaadhu. But when planning a holiday in the Maldives, remember that this is a Muslim country, where many public beaches are forbidden to drink alcohol and sunbathe in bikinis.

Feeding stingrays in the Maldives

Feeding stingrays in Maldives.


Imagine a perfect morning: you're awakened by the rays of the bright sun, a cool breeze gently touches your skin. You stretch and jump into the clear, warm ocean… Bungalows on stilts and secluded villas with pools in the water are perfect for both romantic movies and luxurious vacations! Famous bungalows on stilts are one of the symbols of the archipelago. The eco-style cabins are accessed by wooden bridges or are reached by boat. The idea of living above water and the vast ocean next door takes your breath away! The main criterion for choosing a hotel to rest in the Maldives is its cost. There are budget hotels in the capital Male', but tourists prefer to stay in individual houses, cottages, bungalows, villas, and chalets. The city often serves as a transfer hub for tourists taking private jets or speedboats from Male to hotels on the islands. This kind of transfer is not cheap, it's worth considering when planning your trip budget.

Bungalow - one of the symbols of the Maldives

Bungalows – one of the symbols of the Maldives.

Diving and surfing.

The Maldives is not all about relaxation; the vast ocean offers a myriad of activities and educational pursuits that you can take advantage of! In the underwater nature reserves of North and South Male you can admire the fabulous beautiful reefs and exotic inhabitants – sea turtles, colorful fish and stingrays. Divers often choose to dive the resorts atolls Alifu Daalu and Raa. Setting out in search of pirate treasure shipwrecks near Halaweli Island, Addu Atoll, and North Male Island. As a rule, the most comfortable season for diving is considered the period from January to April, conquering the waves is advised from May to October. Popular spots on the North Male side are Chikens, Koka, Sultan, Ninja; South Male – Kates, Twin Peaks, Guru. Fishing in the Maldives is also considered a reference – who would refuse to catch a unique catch or fish tuna from the ocean??

Maldives. Meet the underwater inhabitants

Maldives. Meet the underwater inhabitants.

The capital Male's main attractions do not take much time to see. Discover the collections of traditional and modern art in the National Gallery and the National Museum. In between is the beautiful Sultana Park, fragrant with exotic flowers. Nearby are several mosques and the crypt of Sultan Ibrahim.

Malé's waterfront

Malee Waterfront.

The unique nature of the archipelago is also generous to experience: mangrove trees Daalu, fishing villages Mimu, yachting, seaplane, submarine, romantic evenings on the ocean and underwater restaurants – holidays in the Maldives will teach you to enjoy life!

In the Maldives, fantastically beautiful sunsets

The Maldives has fantastically beautiful sunsets.