Kaliningrad sights worth seeing

Kaliningrad is a unique city in Russia. Having no common borders with our country, it neighbors only Poland and Lithuania. This is a small "Russian Europe", which hides a lot of amazing and interesting sights.


The Cathedral, located in a historic district of Kaliningrad

Address: ul. 1 Kanta.
The doors of the cathedral are open from 10 to 19 (May-September), from 10 to 18 (October-April).
The cost of the ticket to the museum is 250 rubles, for privileged visitors – 100 rubles.

The Curonian Spit" National Park

It was included in the list of UNESCO heritage. This is the sandy strip between the Baltic Sea and the Curonian Lagoon. Its narrowest point is near the village of Lesnoe, and is only 300 meters. A small part of the Curonian Spit belongs to Lithuania, and the other part to Russia. There are numerous sites and hiking trails for tourists on the Russian side. It is home to rare birds, eco-trails, a clean sea and pine air. You can swim in the Baltic Sea, and in a freshwater bay.

The sand dunes of the Curonian Spit

Sand dunes of the Curonian Spit

What to see:
– observation decks of the dune Efa, where you can see the views of the white sands;
– Dancing forest;
– Royal Bor;
– Ornithological Station.
Address: Saloshinova str.Rybachy st.Lesnaya ul. 7.
Entrance fee to the park is 150 rubles, entrance fee for motorcycles and cars is 150 rubles.

Fish Village

Everyone can walk through the Fish Village, the entrance is free.

Fish village on the place of the old fish market

The Fish Village on the site of the old Fish Market

It starts from the address at ul. The view tower "Lighthouse" – Leninskaya St., 2, Oktyabrskaya str. Oktyabrskaya Street, 2a.
A ticket to the tower costs 100 rubles.
Working schedule: from 10 to 20 daily.

Museum of the World Ocean

Its biggest advantage is that the main exposition is in the open air, so you can just stroll along the exhibits of the navy.

One of the most interesting sights in Kaliningrad - World Ocean Museum

One of the most interesting sights in Kaliningrad is the World Ocean Museum

The Museum embankment of the historical fleet is a unique construction in the maritime museum practice in Russia. There are boats moored at the museum wharf:
– ship-museum "Vityaz";
– Vessel with a museum exhibit "Cosmonaut Viktor Patsayev";
– The only fishing trawler in Russia SRT-129.
Address: Salinovskogo str. Peter the Great Street, 1.
It is open from 10 to 18, Monday is a day off.
The price of the ticket depends on the chosen exhibition and varies for adults from 200 to 300 rubles, for students and pensioners – 100-200 rubles.

Brandenburg Gate

One of the highlights of Kaliningrad. The gate preserved its direct function to this day – two passages are part of the city road network. Inside the gate there is a museum of marzipan, which can be visited by anyone.

One of the seven city gates in Kaliningrad

One of the seven preserved city gates in Kaliningrad

They are located at: 3, Bazarova St., Bazarova St., and the Museum of Marzipan. 137 Bagration St.
The museum opens its doors from 10 to 21 every day.
Visits to the gate and museum are free.

Amber Museum

It is located in the Don tower, which used to be a defensive point. It is the heart and pride of Kaliningrad, containing the world's largest collection of the "sun stone.

Kaliningrad Amber Museum

Kaliningrad Amber Museum

Located on Marshala Vasilevsky Square, 1
Visiting hours depend on the month: from October to April – from 10 to 18, Monday off; from May to September – from 10 to 19, no holidays.
Ticket price: adults – 350 rubles, students – 250, schoolchildren – 150.

Amalienau district

A small part of the city, where there are villas and cottages of wealthy representatives of the former Königsberg. It is a miracle that the neighborhood was spared shelling during the war, and many houses have survived to this day.

The picturesque district of Amalienau

Amalienau picturesque area

You can walk through Amalienau on your own, the area is not fenced.
What to see:
– Kirch in memory of Queen Louise;
– Monument to Baron Munchausen;
– Poplavok pond;
– Belarusian, Lithuanian and Swedish.
Address: runs along the borders of Yanalovaya, Lesoparkovaya, Krasnaya Streets and along Pobedy Avenue.

Bunker Museum

Located in a real German bomb shelter, where in March and early April 1945 the headquarters of General Otto Leash was deployed. It was here that the surrender was accepted, and Koenigsberg ceased to exist.

Unusual museum

An unusual museum "Bunker" – all the most interesting things under the ground

Located at Universitetskaya Street, 2a.
Open from 10 to 19 every day.
The entrance fee is 200 rubles, 150 rubles for pensioners, 120 rubles for students, and 100 rubles for schoolchildren.

Kaliningrad Zoo

One of the oldest and largest in the country, it was opened in 1896. It covers almost 17000 hectares, and there are more than 3500 species.

Kaliningrad Zoo is a great attraction for kids and adults

Kaliningrad Zoo is a great attraction for children and adults

Address: Ave. Mira Street, 26.
Open from 9 am to 7 pm, seven days a week.
Ticket price – 300 rubles, for children (3 to 18), seniors and students – 100 rubles.

Kaliningrad Museum of Fine Arts

Located in the heart of Kaliningrad in the former Koenigsberg Marketplace. The collection consists of more than 16,000 works of art, ranging from late 19th century graphic art and sculpture of East Prussia to Soviet art of the 20th century.

Art Museum in Kaliningrad

Art Museum in Kaliningrad

Address: 4a, Lunarlit Av. 83 Leninskiy Street, Kaliningrad
Working schedule: 10 to 19 on Mondays off.
Admission for adults – 250 rubles, students – 200 rubles, schoolchildren and pensioners – 150.