The most beautiful gardens and parks in St. Petersburg

In the age of mechanization, development of technology, people get tired of the noise of city streets and numerous machines. Gardens and parks are amazingly beautiful places where one can see corners of living nature, get long-awaited calm and peace, breathe fresh air. Take a leisurely and quiet walk, taking a break from the annoying fast pace of life and the hustle and bustle of the city.
St. Petersburg holds the record among the largest cities of Russia for the number of natural corners. The city's inhabitants and visitors can enjoy the views of more than 200 vast park areas which have been created by world-famous architects and gardeners.

Summer Garden.

After visiting Holland in 1697 – 1698, which received the historical term "The Great Embassy", Peter the Great decides to build on a small space garden between two rivers, which will become the natural boundaries of the landscape wonder.

The best architects, both Russian and foreign, worked on this favorite brainchild of Peter the Great. These include E. Matveev, D. Trezzini, M. Zemtsov, F. – Б. Rastrelli. Peter the Great himself amended the layout of the garden, the successful completion of which depended on the Dutch gardener Jan Roosen.

Fountain in The Summer Garden

Nowadays on the territory of the garden there is the Summer Palace of Peter the Great, marble statues, busts, impressing with their magnificence, preserved thanks to the heroism of city dwellers during the Great Patriotic War.

The Summer garden is the main jewelry of the park necklace of St. Petersburg. It was written about and admired by many writers and poets of the Romantic era. This landmark is still famous as a meeting place for lovers.

On the last day of the week in the Summer Garden there are evenings of poetry, visitors can enjoy talented performances of musicians and singers.

Address: Kutuzovskaya Naberezhnaya, 2, Kutuzovskaya St. 2.

Mikhailovsky Garden.

It was named after Grand Duke Mikhail Mikhailov, the wife of Peter the Great. К. Rossi, A. Menelaus and G. Busch built on the territory of the garden a relief cast-iron bridge, a pavilion and a granite pier. During the war, Mikhailovsky Garden was subjected to frequent bombing and shelling, and troops were stationed on its territory, but thanks to the reconstruction of the architectural structure in 2001, it was possible to restore the original idea.

St. Michael's Garden is considered one of the best parks in St. Petersburg

St. Michael's Garden is considered one of the best parks in St. Petersburg

Currently in the garden can be seen:
– Openwork cast-iron bridge.
– A pavilion, where the architect planned to shelter from the rain as well as from the scorching rays of the sun.
– A granite wharf with a cast-iron fence, distinguished by an exquisite pattern.
– A pond, around which the most interesting green spaces are located. This place was called "Circle of Russia".
– Also events and festivals are often held here. One of them is "Bird Day" on April 1.

Address: ul. Engineering, d. 2-4.

Alexander Garden.

During the reign of Emperor Alexander I the fortress was reconstructed into the building of Admiralty, the boulevard was paved there, where the elite of Russian society of that time liked to take walks. The landscaping was carried out by an Englishman W. Gould. Even the benches and lanterns had the hand of the master – Luigi Rusca. The fountain-musician has also become the subject of the landscape. As a tribute to memory, monuments to generals, poets, and composers of great Russia were erected in the area.

In "Sashkin park" as it is affectionately called by the citizens, every year there is a festival of flowers, which delights its visitors with unusual landscape compositions and solutions.

Music picnics for the younger generation and live concerts for jazz music lovers are often held. And the City Day is always famous for its unique program.

Address: Admiralteysky Prospekt, d. 12.

Catherine Park.

Before the palace was built, there was a small wooden house where an old Dutch woman named Saara used to live when the head of state came for milk. In honor of her the village was called Saarskoye Selo, and later Tsarskoye Selo.

Martha of Skavronskaya, the wife of Peter the Great, was the initiator of building a summer residence, next to which a park was laid, which was called the English Landscape Park. Peter the Great and his wife, according to legend, laid out the alleys on its territory.

Catherine Park is one of the most beautiful parks in St. Petersburg

Catherine Park is one of the most beautiful parks in St. Petersburg

During the reign of Empress Elizabeth Petrovna, the park was enlarged with marble sculptures – "Peace" and "Glory", and an entertaining pavilion – Lusthaus – was built.

Then came the Admiralty building, the Hermitage kitchen, the Upper and Lower Baths.

You can also observe the monuments of the Turkish War period:
– Ruin Tower.
– Columns – Chesmenskaya, Moreyskaya, Krymskaya.
– Obelisk of Cahul.
– A kiosk with Turkish goods.
– Turkish Cascade.

The Agate Rooms, the Gothic Gate and the Cameron Gallery are the places where you can immerse yourself in an atmosphere of philosophy and admire the busts of ancient thinkers.

Address: Pushkin, Pushkin str. Sadovaya, d. 7.

Park on Yelagin Island.

The park became the main site for events and projects in the open-air format. Every year concerts of different genres are held on its territory – from folk music to funk and reggae performances with participation of Russian and foreign stars.

Exhibitions and festivals are not uncommon, for example, a theater festival or an exhibition of scientific achievements.

Park on Yelagin Island - the place where the residents of St. Petersburg like to relax

Park on Yelagin Island – the place where the citizens of St. Petersburg like to relax

Memorable structures in the park:
– Yelagin palace, witness of history, became a museum, where historical installations and interactive costume balls are held.
The Museum of Art Glass, which used to be the main Orangery.
– Fräulein's enclosure, the name says it all. This place was a cluster of beautiful court ladies in the past and became a venue for concerts in the present.
– Music and others. pavilions

The park is famous for its permanent inhabitants, which are rarely seen elsewhere: ermine, burbot, mice and birds, whose voices are like a symphony.

You can rent a boat in the park, admire the views and plunge into the atmosphere of the era of romance.

Address: Elagin Island, v. 4

Alexander Park.

The exposition presented to visitors includes the following attractions:
– Chinese village.
– Chinese bridges.
– Ruins of the so-called Chinese theater and the Lam pavilion.
– The Dragon Bridge.
White tower.
– Krasnoselsky Gate.

Chinese bridge in Alexandrovsky park

Chinese bridge in Alexander Park

In the park there are many bronze sculptures of the period of socialist realism and modern monoliths. A monument to the majestic warrior-matros, known as the "Steregushchy," has been erected.

In the park there are several ponds and artificial channels, over which humpback bridges of paved stones were built. A granite grotto is connected to the pond by a canal, and on top there is an observation deck. Now there is a cozy coffee house, where, as the townspeople say, you can drink the most delicious coffee in town.

A unique piece of art and culture is a model, the exposition "St. Petersburg in miniature", which presents a set of all the sights in detail, only 33 times smaller in size.

Address: Pushkin, Kronverksky Prospekt.

Friendship Garden.

The main structure is a small house designed for meditation and tea ceremonies – the Friendship Pagoda. Guarded by statues of lions that protect the garden from evil spirits.

The Friendship Garden is a smaller copy of Shanghai Yu Yuan Garden (Garden of Joy)

The Friendship Garden is a smaller replica of Shanghai's Yu Yuan Garden ("Garden of Joy")

The Wall of Nine Dragons is made of Chinese ceramics, behind which there is a rocky hill with a cascading waterfall. In the religion of China dragons symbolize power and serve as a protective talisman. In this case, dragons of different colors and shapes are supposed to protect the residents. Every dragon has a name and purpose.

Visitors to the garden can watch a stunning phenomenon – the coming of spring which is marked by the blossoming of the sakura trees. It is striking in its beauty, so many people gather to watch it. There are also apple trees, willows, conifers.